About fdroid.evilham.com

Quick and dirty F-Droid repo hosting.

Better than randomly downloading and installing APKs, still far from ideal.
If you use this you are trusting:
1. That I haven't modified the APKs.
2. That the published APKs by the authors were not compromised in transit.
3. Bunch of things I don't have time to think about now.

This repositories get manually updated, I get notified about new versions of
the hosted APKs. There may be a delay between publication from authors and
repo update.

If you are an APK author and would like to get it removed, get in touch with
me: https://evilham.com

For FOSS APKs, the ideal solution is to get them merged into F-Droid, that
does imply non negiligible work, but may very well be worth it.
See: https://f-droid.org/en/contribute/#submit-applications

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